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Genuinely a masterpiece. I have so much to say about this game. I started it thinking "wtf is going on?" (not in a bad way, but in an I've-never-played-a-game-like-this-before way), which then shifted to "I'm scared" and finally "who's cutting the damn onions." No, but seriously, the true ending was very emotional. I'm also a big fan of the art and the music that you chose. Ahem I'm a simp for Kai
I wasn't expecting to become a hardcore Kai x Ren shipper, but here I am. Also, I loved the teacher/counsellor, although he didn't play a big role in the game. The fact that he cared so much about Ren warmed my heart. 

Slight spoilers below, but I do have a question:

I was hoping to get more lore regarding Amerta's past relationship. Did she send n*des and were they spread around the school? I was a bit confused.

Overall, I absolutely adored this game. I'll definitely be checking out Sweetest Valentine soon along with any future games you make!


Omg thank you so much! I'm happy that you enjoyed the game and reading your comment means a lot! And also, someone who played this game first before Sweetest Valentine? You're a rarity LMAOO /j. Hopefully you'll enjoy my other works as much! :D

A bit of spoilers below to answer your question:

Yes, so her ex asked her to send some n*des, and Amerta didn't want to but she caved into peer pressure. The two then had a falling out, and when she asked to break up, her immature ex retaliated by spreading the pictures around. I just didn't want to elaborate too much on it because I have a problem with over explaining things that are somewhat unrelated to plot LMAOO


Thank you for the explanation! Poor Amerta... </3 


This was one of the best visual novels İ ever played I'm looking forward to your next works.

Woah what an honor! Thank you for playing and for the support! :DD


An absolutely beautiful game. I love how the true ending is realistic, life is tough and happy sugar coated endings don't exist, but there is always hope and we can find the strength to persevere and find happiness where we can.

I have a friend with bpd and one with psychosis and the depictions of hallucinations are pretty close to what they experience. Made it a difficult but poignant and beautiful game to play through.

Excellent work again!

Thank you so much for checking two of my games and for the comments! I've seen your comment on Sweetest Valentine's page, I'm glad you enjoyed it as well!

hello, thank you for your games!! I have a question: should I expect a Russian translation?^^

You're welcome and thank you for checking my games out! But unfortunately for now, not really, sorry! :')

If it'll ever get a russian translation though, I'll be sure to reply to this comment again and notify you!

thank you again for all your efforts!! (and sorry if something is not very competent, I use a translator

You're welcome! And it's okay, your comment is still understandable and that's what matters :D


hey there, sylvan! thanks for the words at the end of this vn. i'm reading through your last message rn (while crying) and i just wanted to thank you so much for pouring your soul and your heart into this story. it really touched me in some ways i could've never imagined. all of it: the music, the writing and art... i felt so embraced and comforted, especially at the ending. looking at the changed main screen (idk if this counts as a spoiler, if it does, i'm sorry!) gave me such a bittersweet feeling, and all because your vn can portray grief itself: it's a mix of sweet and painful memories. it gave me the hope that, even though i'm grieving, there's still something out there worth living for. and that's why i came to thank you! please, take your time and rest well! hope we can meet again someday!

with love, nana <3

Awww, you're most welcome and thank you too for playing, Nana! It always makes me feel happy knowing that my small little games can mean a lot to some people, it's more than enough for me. I do hope we can meet again and in the meantime, I want to wish you well in life and hope that you can continue to find strength and hope even when life kicks you down to the ground <33


I've had a lot of fun playing your games recently! They're very distinct from each other, but both quite compelling.  I especially enjoy your unreliable narrators.  Though I like your other characters, as well!  (I want to give Kai a hug.  Thank god for Ending 1 letting the kiddos be happy.  Realistically so--you don't just plaster a smiley face sticker over the trauma and pretend everything's perfect, which I appreciate, but it's a hopeful end and I enjoyed it after playing all the others first.)

I'm proud of myself for picking up on the twist this time a bit quicker than I did with SV.  Which isn't to say it was too obvious--I'm just good at picking up on twists because I consume too much media, lol. You did a really good job with laying the groundwork without making it too glaringly obvious until it was supposed to be.  And nice job with the meaning of Amerta's name!

Also, you have no idea how much my eyes lit up at the KagePro reference.  (Also Ending 3.  I lost my shit.)

Thank you so much for playing and for the lovely comment! I'm glad you enjoyed my silly little games haha! And I'm so happy you noticed the meaning of Amerta's name and also the references! 

It really means a lot too to hear all that though, so once again thank you!  Hope you have a great day! :D


So I finished playing Sweetest Valentine yesterday (after somehow finally getting it to work on my pc :c). I really loved the way you told the story for it, so I looked to see if you had any other games, and lo and behold! Amerta! 

Seriously, your games feel so raw and real, like I can relate to what the characters feel. It's kind of crazy. They can be so happy yet so sad at times, like I get nervous when the characters get nervous too. I'm really glad this time, there's a happy ending, and that Rendra is on his path to recovery. It's such a shift from the last game, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless!

Aww thank you so much! It makes me glad to know that you enjoyed both my games (despite them having quite a different feel) and your comment means a lot, so I really appreciate it! :D 

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Since playing your last game, seeing you publish this one was so exciting, and damn this is good too, also depressing as always, but thats what gives it that kind of game you made feeling, ya know. Going through ending 1 made me really happy for Rendra, since now he's able to be at peace with his life now, with Kai, and Amerta there.

Is it just me or did I really want Rendra, and Kai to get together, like yea.

This game made me cry :(

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed this game too! And you're not really alone in wanting Rendra and Kai to get together, like three other people below this comment also mentioned the same thing LMAO


This has probably been said enough times already, but I really love how you make your plot twists and your endings. My friend and I played through Sweetest Valentine on a Discord call, and after getting a notification we shortly played For Amerta. Both of us love your games, syllphana, and we hope you continue to make more! Your story telling and art style and truly unique and worth acknowledgement from anyone who plays your games.

Aah thank you for playing, both of you! Your comment does mean a lot and I'm glad that you two enjoyed my games! :'D

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I was so excited when I received a notification saying there was a new game of Syllphana. I had to wait 4 days to play it and when I begun, I couldn't stop till the end. It was so amazing !! Everything was so cool, the story, the artwork, everything. I fell in love with the game. It was so sad yet so beautiful, I cried because of the story but it was so touching... I really really really love it. 

I really thank you Syllphana for creating a game so touching and perfect that it made me forget about everything else. Really thank you. It was amazing, and even saying that is not enough to express how much this work is beautiful.

(ps : don't worry about people loving your works, we'll always love them no matter what )

No stop you're going to make me cry with that last part 😭

But you're welcome! I'm happy knowing that you enjoyed the experience! And I do want to thank you along with the others, this kind of comments always fuel me to keep on going and creating

Once again, thank you and have a nice day! :D



about it, i just really like it :sob: had me on the edge of my seat as i played it,, you're a real inspiration for me in working with renpy LOL, REALLY LOVED THE ENDINGS AND THE CHARACTERS, THE WHOLE PLOT AND IDEA OF IT SEEMED REALLY INTERESTING WHEN I RED IT THE FIRST TIME AND JUST. AMAZING.

last time i played sweetest valentine with my best friend, and i've already reccommended this game to them, they will probably play it soon :], and again, thank you for yet another great game!!

Syncerity! I remembered you and eggwhite were one of the first ones to play Sweetest Valentine and I'm so glad to see you again! :'D

Aaah I'm so happy knowing that what I do can inspire you somehow! That's all I could ever want! Wishing you luck if you have a renpy project of your own but most of all, I hope you can have fun with it!

You're welcome and thank you too for playing! Have a nice day! <3



Lol I was shipping Kai and Ren more than anything near the end there lol

LMAOOO nothing's gayer than riding your homie while telling him that you don't want to lose him 😳 /j


HEY... NEW SYLLPHANA GAME JUST DROPPED... !! (ok well, not JUST dropped...but i've been slaving through exams so we're gonna play this now!) i already LOVE rendra i looked at him and went 'oh he just like me fr'. i'm attached now. i will cry at this game, i know it. this has a BEAUTIFUL synopsis and i am already so hyped to play this. ohohoho...i am READY to hurt my feelings!

(quick q. is rendra indian/of indian origin. he looks like my little desi boy. please i need to know he seriously just like me fr then...)

Aww there's no rush, take your time! I do hope your exam's going well tho and hopefully the game doesn't disappoint!

But I hate to break it to you, Rendra isn't Indian nor of an Indian descent, he's Indonesian. Hopefully he still ends up being relatable anyways though 😔

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OH MY GOD I AM SHAKING YOU LIKE A SODA CAN (POSITIVE) !! JESUS CHRIST THIS GAME SHOOK ME TO MY VERY CORE... DID I CRY ?? YES. DID I SOB ?? YES. DO I NEED TO GRAB RENDRA AND KAI AND GIVE THEM A BIG AS HUG? YES, YES, YES. !!!! this is genuinely one of the most beautiful little games i've ever played and the attention to detail is absolutely stunning. i am in love with the characters, i am in love with the story, the message is making me sniffle and sob at my screen as i write this. 

(ps. i had no idea where to put this so i'm shoving it in the middle. HOLYSHIT THE WAY THE ART AND WRITING HAVE IMPROVED SOOOO MUCH ?? AND I ALREADY LOVED SWEETEST VALENTINE SO I WAS JUST BLOWN AWAY by the visuals of this . and the writing... aughhfuifjshgdudfufhghfgmmmdnfnhgh... let's just say i have shed so many tears over this.)

i absolutely love the twist of sorts and i genuinely really appreciate the way that everyone in rendra's life is so, so supportive when it comes down to it-- that kind of beautiful support structure...well, it's not something you see a lot, and so i really appreciate that. 

the portrayal of all the characters were absolutely fascinating-- i really understand rendra's blind fury but also kai's despondent frustrations...i love them to bits and back. i am sobbing and crying and throwing up (positive), this game is so much to me. i love the little details that are put in place and that make you go 'ohhhh so that's what that was for' and i love love love love LOVE this game. rendra, kai, and amerta own a special place in my heart now. thank you for making this <3

Oh my god thank you so much!! You have no idea how much this comment made me smile like an idiot AAAH! It really means A LOT to hear all that and I'm just speechless rn tbh LMAOO I'M tearing up over YOUR comment PLSS now we're even

God I cannot express my happiness through words rn, just know that I'm crying, pissing, clawing on the walls, and rolling on the floor rn AHAH

Once again, thank you sm! Have a nice day!


Just played through all of the endings in one go, so you can see just how fast I got into this game... T-T 

I was so excited to see that you had uploaded a new game, and as with Sweetest Valentine, you did not disappoint! The artwork, the story, and the characters were all great, and I absolutely love the twist on the groundhog day loop premise! 


It actually shocked me to find out that the key to breaking out of the 'loop' was to let go of her, since stuff like Kagerou Daze (nice shout-out btw!) gave me the impression that the true ending would involve sacrificing your life to let Amerta live. But of course since we later find out that there has never been a time loop in the first place, going back to the other three bad endings just makes them harsher in hindsight...

And the true ending was so heartwarming that I nearly cried when I saw that the main menu had changed! It was such a sweet, satisfying conclusion to such a depressing premise, and I'm glad that ultimately, Rendra and Kai are able to come to terms with Amerta's death and move on with their lives.

I can definitely relate to the burnout you experienced all throughout making this VN. It can feel almost impossible to continue on at times, especially when you're uninspired/stressed out from life. But I also think that you've shown a lot of progress! I really liked the implementation of the CG gallery and the changing main menu screen. Aside from that, your art has definitely become a lot more polished!

Anyway, sorry for the blocks and blocks of text, but I love making long comments for games that I really enjoyed.

I hope that you're able to get lots of rest after all of your hard work. You've more than earned it!



Please don't be sorry about the long comment! I really love going through and reading them! In fact, it makes me feel honored knowing that people had a lot to say about my works! 

I'm happy that you enjoyed For Amerta! It was kinda inspired by Kagerou Daze as well, so I just HAD to reference it somehow LMAO. I'm glad people noticed the reference.

The fact that you also mentioned that there's an improvement makes me so happy you have no idea. It really makes me feel like I'm not wasting my time making VNs, and that's always a good thing. I do wish that on your end, you can get through the burnout as well :')

Once again, thank you for playing and for your comment! It definitely made my day! :D


I'm not the kind of person who's commenting a lot but this game was so GOOD! This is so well written and we get in really fast. I played to Sweetest Valentine and we can see that you improve in this game. I just wanted to tell you how good this game was and if you make a new game, I surely will try it!

PS i'm french, sign that your game is also played by people speaking other languages.

Good job!


Thank you! I really appreciate you going out of your way to leave a comment, it definitely made me smile!  Knowing that you'll try out another game I made in the future also warms my heart. :')

Once again, thank you and have a nice day!



i was so excited to see that you uploaded a new game and couldn't wait to get home from uni to play and YOU DID NOT DISAPPOINT AS ALWAYS SKJDKDJ i loved this so, so, so much. 

i got the first ending last which just made me so, so emotional, and felt like such a fitting end. i adored every single one of the characters and the writing was just (chefs kiss)...

as someone who is also trying to make a VN the burnout is so Real and although i'm glad you made it through it, i hope you're doing alright now <3 

PS i am in love with kai he is so pretty wtf i love your artstyle

THANK YOUU! Knowing that someone gets excited to play my game makes me so happy! I'm even happier knowing that you like the game!! I'm also feeling okay now, the game's out and I'm just relaxing, but I do wish you the best of luck with your VN as well! Feel free to contact me if you maybe need a help with it! Don't forget to frequenntly take a rest from it because damn burnout really is a pain...

About Kai, it's probably because I have a sliiight bias towards him LMAOO


i'm glad, and thank you so much for the offer :D!!


im so happy to see another of your projects!! im a huge fan of your work hehe

i havent played it yet bc i been busy but i know it will be a masterpiece!!

i'll edit this comment when i finish playing the game lolz

UWAA it's okay no rush, but thank you! Hopefully the game doesn't disappoint! :D

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Shit, u made me cry. More than once. Amazing story and very well written, the characters are really relatable, UR ART IS AWSOME and i'll never stop to praise it. 

Some parts of the game felt too real, like somewhow i was there suffering with Rendra. Idk how to put it into words properly.

Anyways, really great work. U never cease to amaze me with ur games. Im trully a big fan <3

Ps: made this edit just to say that i do ship Rendra and Kai. Please, dont judge me too much. They are made for each other ;-;


ASKFDKS thank you so much for playing and for the comment!! I'm glad to hear that, but sorry (not really) for making you cry tho. :'D

And nah don't worry about shipping them, I get it. I'm kind of a shipper myself so I can't really judge. That and my best friend who playtested this game also ship those two HAHA

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I see, they are a person of culture as well <3 

Anyways, very hyped for ur next work. Dont matter how long it takes!!