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Random Scuffed Games #106

Vorgeschlagen von: Beatdown_TV

Und täglich grüßt das Steins Gate Tier. Interessante Geschichte, nicht wegen dem Timeloop aspekt, sondern ich finde# Amerta super cute und interessant als Charakter. Ich war tatsächlich ziemlich invested und habe die Stimmung gefühlt. Der Artstyle ist etwas sketchy, aber hat irgendwo auch eine Ästhetic für sich.#

Solide, wenn auch nicht komplett unique.


Dito: 3.3/5

Chat: 3.1/5

Gesamt: 3.2/5

Thank you for playing and for your review!  appreciate you sharing your thoughts on it! :D


i couldn't focus on the game itself because i have my eyes for only kai. i'd like to be his twitch mod

That's so real tbh LMAO

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watch me write my next review tomorrow hahahaaaa

I cant wait to play this one, starting point the characters are so pretty and beautiful and well made, I love Amerta's design

I'll literally marry her.

Okay, I finished playing the game and I'll type out my review now



I would recommend listening to Magical Doctor by Maretu, a weird choice for this game but it gives it more of a "I need help, I'm going insane" during playing because the guy IS going insane.

ALSO play it in this route bc I played like that and it was amazing; ending 4, ending 3, ending 2, and ending 1

Let's go on the more detailed parts now

Okay first of all, HOW DARE YOU. Bro, I started balling after getting the 3rd ending and didn't stop even after I finished the game, I literally sat in silence looking at my computer screen. Tears and everything. Literally was going "hurgghh.. huuuhhh urghh... Rendraaaa.... Amertaaaaaa" for a minute before going on to write this. My eyes are still watering and tears are still flowing, (I expect compensation /j /nsrs)

AS I expected, the writing was top notch and beautiful, and just like sweetest valentine, the dialogue was human, alluring, and surprisingly relatable. All the characters are compelling and interesting, from the main 3 down to the side characters, they all feel like they have their own human life and soul into them, nothing seems forced and it's a very interesting plot, I'm impressed and this surpassed all my expectations

I thought it was going to be "everyone is in the time loop with him and remembers that's why they're so compliant" but damn I was so wrong, the plot twist is even better, I didnt expect me and when I learned everything was a hallucination I started crying

I wont disclose why for personal reasons but let's just say I have issues with the same thing and it hit home too hard.

My review for the characters:

Rendra, I have to say one thing. I relate to him so badly, why are your characters so relatable? He's very well written and a compelling character. He really just wants to see Amerta alive and well and feeling like he failed her because he just watched her die so his coping is building a fantasy for himself by thinking Amerta is alive, Amerta IS here, Amerta just needs to be saved by him.

Such a tragic character and I love him, he's an amazing character and I theorize that his new coping method is writing stories (Bc he's just like me and I write stories to cope) I enjoy how he writes edgy things and watches anime. He also cares about people around him especially his close friends but he ends up hurting them and himself because he cant forgive himself for what happened on the 28th of October, It adds more depth to his character and I just love it.

(most of what I say here are assumptions)
Seeing as that he's in college 4 years later he was probably 13-16 at the start of the story and by the end is 17-20. It hurts more because he went through so much shit at such a young age, adds more tragedy to him.

I would love to go into more depth but I might start trauma dumping myself which is uncool

Amerta, I relate to her too. Her character is just as tragic and I can relate to the bullying and name calling and the bad household thing. I can see that she was truly a woman wronged in society.

(most of what I say here are assumptions)
Her ex boyfriend probably leaked some pictures of her (I assume) and seeing as that she's from a catholic school, and probably has a religious mother herself she was shamed and ridiculed, but even with all those bad things she didn't let it bother her, props to her! Also that she's probably also around 13-16, it hurts me more. I have a soft spot for characters that died before adulthood tbh..

Just like Rendra, she's well written and despite being just a hallucination through out the game, she still felt human. Just as how hallucinations are, they always seem real and vivid to the person suffering. Maybe in another universe, her, Kai, and Rendra ended up going to college together </3

Kai, I don't have much to say about him, but He's very well written too, I had a friend like him (I'll literally call that friend after this to recommend this game bc he's a sucker for these types of games) and it just made me cry harder like omg. I've never related to two characters' friendship so badly. 

(most of what I say here are assumptions)
He was probably 13-16 when all this happened, and he was also grieving a friend and was watching one go insane must have left a massive scar on him, ending 2 literally broke me, I started crying so hard that I needed a box of tissues so i could blow my nose. (I get a stuffy nose when I cry)

I relate to him to an extent. I've been in his position before and ending 2 hit harder bc he knew his actions where selfish and (I CANT FIND THE WORDSS) not helping (????) his friend get through the lost, i love how it shows that you cant just tell someone to get help and they'll be fine, I love the main three so bad.

Sir Ari, he's a good guy. (Pretty darn attractive too) I like how he's very worried of Rendra and wants to help him, he's nice

Rendra's Parents, (I'm going to assume a little here) I love the detail that Rendra's mom wears a hijab and is probably Muslim, i love the graduation picture after getting ending one, it's very cute

for the art, You improved a ton, I love the colors and tones of the characters it was very visually appealing, character design is top notch. (It made me giggle when I saw a McDonalds in the background, very irrelevant but I want to mention it) I love how the covers changed, like omg I was like "waawwww so amazing" but I was still crying.

That's all I have to say for now, I'll add more after revisiting the game and I plan to talk about the graphics and art, in greater depths bc this was more on the story and characters LOL


You improved a lot, like your anatomy, perspective, rendering, shading, and hands are sooo much better than sweetest valentine. Not saying sweetest valentine wasn't well drawn, it really was but it's like Sweetest valentine is good and this is better, you know what I mean? I see that you've got a knack for drawing gorey and bloody scenes and I loveee it. Like UGH so prefect and amazing. mwa mwa chef's kiss

you are so talented. Like seriously. Your a solo dev and you programmed, drew, and wrote the story like. APPLAUSE TO YOU!! You are so talented.

I love the tiny details in your art like the cracks on on phone in the new cover after completing the game, the lines are so much smoother now too, along with the colors that don't overlap or have missing spots. As much I love the messy line art in sweetest valentine, I love the smoother lines here. The way you draw clothes improved tremendously.

Also a pattern I just realize Aimi and Rendra (the mcs in those games) hallucinate/living in delusions, should have known it was a hallucination all along!!!

Graphics are amazing, I love the colors and the shading, very well made, the dialogue was nice to read, nothing felt forced or cringey, this is one of the other biggest factors because unlike other games I don't get irked, cringe, or yawn at the dialogue. You'll definitely see me playing your 3rd game by next week and then reviewing it. Kudos to you, developer!

(sorry if the grammer seems poor in some parts)

MY GODDD ASTROOO! Your long and detailed reviews are always so so much appreciated! It truly made my day so much better! Don't worry about the grammar, it's not as if I'm the best at it too LOL. As long as I can understand you, you're good.

[Spoilers below]

I'm sorry yet I'm also happy to know how much you've related to the game and the characters! Whenever someone said that about this game, I always feel somewhat relieved because I poured a lot of my emotions into this game, so people better feel at least something when they play this (/j /nsrs)

Just to confirm, the characters are 18 when Amerta died. Still didn't make it any less tragic of course, but I just thought I'd let you know. By the end of the story, they're 21 approaching 22 years old. But I'm happy you think Amerta is still very interesting despite her being a hallucination! She's definitely a character that I worry the most here, since the whole game is technically about her, I want to do her justice lol. Your assumptions for most of the characters are right on track too!

I'm also super happy to know that you think my art improved here! I tried really hard to show that I've improved in my skills (even if just a little!) with each and every new work I released. I hope you can think so too whenever you get around to playing my most recent work. I'll be looking forward to seeing you in that page sooner or later!

Tbh, I'd love to type more to show you how appreciative I am and at least to try and match the effort you went through to type all that. But I'm really going to sound like a broken record, saying that I'm happy and I'm glad every time, even though it's true 😭

So I'll end it here. Once again, I'm glad that you found something of value in two of my works so far and thank you so much for your continued support! :D

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Don't worry about it! I'm fine with shorter replies. I enjoy writing out reviews and voicing my opinions, I'm glad that you enjoy my reviews. I didn't expect them to be 18, but it does feel better than having literal 13-16 years old getting run over by a car, train, getting stabbed, ect. ect

I'll definitely be back with more, keep up the great work Sylvan! I'm happy to hear that my reviews put a smile on your face :)) 


Damn this maked me really emotional, I loved this game! A part of me wishes though kai got a happy ending too, feels a bit sad. But overall it really made me thing about how we process grief and stuff...


great game! i'm a fan of the story and the art -- i liked the mix of comedy to help brighten up some of the darker themes. TYSM :)


Great game. I don't think I'll forget this one. 


damn, i cried when i got ending 2, this is so sad...i can't handle grief 😭


is there a way to reset the game so i can see the first opening screen again? it changes after the ending 1 i think-

Unfortulately you can't (I think one way is to delete the game and reinstalling it, or you can delete persistent renpy data (or essentially your save files), but I forgot how you can do that tbh)


I played the game more than once so I deleted nd reinstalled it a few times lmao but it didn't work however I will try the other two,thank you for answering<333

Yeahh saves from renpy visual novels are never permanently deleted unless you went ahead and deleted the files. This video should help if you haven't found a way to do it yet: 

Or if you're still struggling with it, I can screenshot you the normal menu state before ending 1 too! Hopefully you've already found the solution when you read this comment tho!

so I just tried what the guy said in the video,first I opened the game and closed it then I went to the game files and opened saves there was only something called "persistent" and nothing else but I still deleted that and nothing happened so there's that I either did something wrong or it's just not working but still thank you for helping! and i'd love it if you could send me the menu state before ending 1 it might be asking too much but istg I tried nksfjsrfjıesegd

Okay one more attempt to try and help you, I found this forum and there miiight be a solution there: but if you can't, here's a screenshot of the menu before reaching ending 1. Hope this helps!


A story-driven vn without too many choices, I think around 10 different choices (albeit like 5 dont do anything different) in the game? But the story is definitely worth it, and does not take much time to finish all 4 endings to see the different endings. I was 'lucky' enough to finish the endings in the order 4-1 and I think that is the best way to enjoy this as you get to see everything slowly change, but that might just be me. I really liked this game and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a short emotional roller coaster!


this game... wow. felt so many different emotions. and the art was beautiful (kai is so attractive lol)

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I finally got all of the endings! AND THE EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER IS.,.. wow just wow

There are times where I find the humour very funny, then I felt so scared-, then I feel bad for all of them, and when I feel glad for them :')

The story is very well made and surprisingly easy to understand! I really didn't expect the Ending 3 pfft- Thank you so much for making this game, I really love it. I also love Sweetest Valentine! XD



Omg hello Asa!! I'm really happy to know that you played Sweetest Valentine and For Amerta! Above all else, I'm glad you enjoyed them! Thank YOU for playing through and letting me know what you think of it! :D


hi, can I upload your game I like to play it upload on YouTube I will link your page on the video

Of course! Feel free to create walkthroughs!


The game that introduced me to you in October of last year. One of my fav horror visual novel game makers.

Aww this is so sweet Tristan, thank you! I'm really happy that you enjoyed my works and even regarded me as one of your fav horror vn makers! That's a big honor!


Ahhhh so I finally finished this one!
The story is so good and damn, when Amerta appear on the side of the screen and staring at you???? I really FEEL that creepy energy -- you are so talented Sylvan! This is just pure emotional damage!!!!!
But I am glad this game have good endings...

Oh my god thank you for playing through all my games, Cherish! I'm happy to know that you enjoyed it (and also got a bit creeped out by it lol)! 


I haven't finished the entire game yet but OMG kagerou project reference in the one line where Rendra wakes up again?!


it was so good. I nearly cried at ending 1's last part. Wish there was an ending where we able to truly save her but this is still one of my fav visual novels. Great work please make another games i will download for sure


I'm glad to hear that. Thank you so much for playing and for the support! 


literally such a STUNNING game, so well written and probably the best piece of media with the time loop concept that I've ever seen. Thank you for this masterpiece 🥲 + Kai is literally a dream guy <3


I feel like the worst ending is the one where he keeps trying to save Amerta, having finished the game now I just think back on it and wonder how completely detached from everyone and everything he must have gotten in that ending. It's honestly just really depressing to think about it. Again, such a masterpiece of a game, truly one of my favourite VNs ever. 

Thank you for playing! I'm really glad (and feel honored!) that this has become one of your favorite VNs! :D


iam crying 


I rlly liked this! This gave me emotional damage :') 

Thankyou for the game! 

You're welcome and thank you too for playing! :D


totally worth playing. I loved every second of it. I low key cried at the end but that's besides the point

Thank you for playing! I'm sorry (not sorry) for making you cry LOL

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Im gonna give the game a shot

edit: I got scared half way through and closed it but all in all good game 

Perfectly understandable! I'm glad that you know your limits and didn't force yourself through it. Still, I'd like to thank you for giving the game a shot! :D


i scared to play man

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Yesterday, I played this but it breaks my heart to see this ಥ_ಥ

Btw, it's beautiful story

Thank you for the playthrough, LYCORIS! I'm glad you liked the story! 

You're welcome :3


Really good story

Thank you for the playthrough! I really appreciate it and I'm happy that you think it's a good story overall!


Yeah really good and continu your really good work 


I totally forgot to leave a comment yesterday! I played this game for my channel, and it was beautiful. The storytelling is so raw, and I love that. I've played a lot of VNs where the choices and dialogue feel stale. This game was a breath of fresh air! I really felt for the characters and portrayal of mental illness. I love how the story showed that not every terrible thing is the work of the supernatural, etc. Sometimes there is realistic explanations-- and there is help out there. Anyways, great game. :)

Thank you so much for playing through For Amerta! I really appreciate the video and I'm really happy you enjoyed the story! :D


So I saw it and decided to give it a shot and wow. This was so good...I just stood in awe. I did catch hold of the plot pretty early, but the way it played out still was so good. 


I ended up with the Ending 1 at the very last and it got me to tears because WOW. That was something. Rendra and Kai both deserved it--to get a happy end, I mean. Both lost someone precious in their lives and one hallucinated whereas another ran away and came back only in the end. The latter nearly lost his friend through either suicide or from the car crash where he'd have been the firsthand witness. Ren's parents also cared so much for'd be devastating if they lost him. Props to that father by doing everything he could just to make sure his son is alright. It was such a wild ride while playing and I absolutely loved it. 

Thank you for playing Mike! I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story! 




its in the popular dudes less goo


This game was god totally recommend

I've commented on your video but I'd still like to thank you again. I really do appreciate the playthrough! :D


I only got 1 ending so far I love this game

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I really rarely (never lol) write comments, but this’ll clearly be an exception. I really like this game, one of my favorite VN now, and if someone asks me if it's worth playing it, I’ll definitely answer yes ( btw I felt so sad from the ending 2  ( ;  ; ) )

Sorry if there are mistakes here, English isn’t my native language

Thank you so much for going out of your way to comment! I feel honored that this has become one of your favorite VNs. Your english is perfectly fine too, so don't worry! :D


This game is so fucking sad...

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"It's not like it's August 15th, at 12:30 noon" ASNJNEJWKEWJ
EDIT: This game absolutely traumatized me. 5/5


After playing Sweetest Valentines, I decided to check on this game because I got free time from college. And damn even though it was short, it made me cry haha. Where can I get myself a friend like Kai :') That scene where Kai and Ren fought was my favorite. Anyways your art here improved a lot and you did so much more with the coding. The psychological horror aspect is my favorite. I'm looking forward to more of your works in the future!


Glad to see you here too Foppy and thank you for playing! I'm sorry not sorry to have made you cry lol. Once again, thank you so much for your continued support!


i rarely ever comment so i might sound cheesy and all, i just want to say, this is an amazing game, it really gave me the feels, the art, music, background and concept feels so dreamy, im grateful to have experienced this and i look forward to more of your works in the future. Thank you

You're welcome and thank you too for playing and for commenting! Your comment is not cheesy at all, in fact, I really appreciate it! Thank you for expressing your thought on For Amerta! :D


Loved the game and the story of it. That third ending was a bit of a surprise for me though.

(2 edits) (+2)

This was such an amazing visual novel I loved playing it! I didn't expect the plot twist,well done and good luck on your next projects!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the VN! :D


This was very beautiful and impactful. I felt so bad for Ren and Kai that I had moments where I cried/felt a pit in my stomach, which is a sign of great writing and visuals. I couldn't imagine the pain and trauma associated with seeing your close friend, your crush, die in front of you in such a gruesome manner. Hell, I'd probably fall into a "loop" of psychosis and self-harm just like Ren; just wishing things could be different. This VN is a wonderful example of how one can either be consumed by their past traumas or learn to persevere, try to make the most of what you have, and strive for even more. The trauma may never go away, but its power over us can.

(Wish Amerta could've been saved though...)

Aww thank you for your kind words and very empathetic view on it! I'm happy that you enjoyed the game and I couldn't agree more with your second to last sentence. 


Here is my playthrough! I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed playing it! This game touched me deep! *cries*

This game is incredibly well done, the music, art and story are all very good. There are lots of plot twists that really catch you off guard and the different ways to end the game depending on the choices you make are all interesting. I read the creators note at the end and even if it was difficult making this VN I just want you to know that you are amazing and your hard work was not in vain. I am looking forward to all the other things you will create in the future.

Aww thank you so much for your kind words! Receiving comments like this always makes my day, so thank you for taking a time out of your day to write this! I hope my future projects won't disappoint!

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