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This was so incredible. I love the art and the story was magnificent. Had me going for a moment there!!!


Played this immediately after "For Amerta" and I seriously loved it so much!!! I was expecting something much tamer, and boy... was I wrong.

I will say. I thought Ichigo was a girl at first. And I kept thinking that until it was first revealed that he was a guy. If I had a nickel every time this happened, I'd have two, which isn't a lot, but it's funny that it happened twice (the first was Karma from Cinderella Phenonem... why is it always the redheads?) 

(Spoilers portion below)

The tragedy of Yuzuru's and Haruko's relationship broke my heart though. The fact that they don't get their happy ending in the game makes me so sad ;_; (I did read the extra content, which at least healed my heart a little bit). Still, I ended up shipping them hardcore. I really love how you developed their relationship

I was not expecting the MC to be just as messed up as Ichigo. When I found out, I thought they were meant to be. They deserve each other lmao.

Thank you for the amazing game <3 fr going to be an avid fan from now on

Hey silversonder! Glad to see you here and enjoyed this game as well!

A lot of people mistook Ichigo as a girl a lot, honestly if I wasn't the one who created Ichigo, I would've thought he's a girl as well LMAOO

Really sorry about Yuzuki and Haruto though, I'm uh- I'm an avid fan of angst.

You're welcome and once again, thank you for the kind comment! It truly means a lot! :D


OMG I was so stupid that I thought it just a happy game when I first played it. I have finished two bad,and each one made me sad . 


LMAOO nahh don't worry, you're not stupid for thinking that it's a normal happy game, others thought the same as you do. Still, I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the ride! 


Awesome graphic, music and a even more detailed story-line for all the characters. I really enjoyed this game i hope you make more games that are yandere ish themed <3

Thank you!! I'm honestly not sure if I'll be making more yandere games, but I also change my mind easily haha, let's just see how it goes


I loved it smm!! Cant wait for dlc's or any other creations you decide to make!! <33

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D


This game is so cute!!!


I loved every moment of this! Thank you for this game!! The true ending was definitely my favorite

aww you're welcome and thank you too for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! :D


I think 2 hours is a more accurate playtime to do all choices and routes.  Source: have been reading for 2 hours.

Ahh yeah, most playthroughs I've seen do range around 2 hours. Maybe I will update it, thanks for the telling me! 


i got all the endings ! and wow, this is literally one of the best vn i have ever played,, i love this sm and i look forward to more !!! i sure hope this blows up

Oh man, what an honor! Thank you for playing till the end and for commenting! :DD


I love this game with all my heart. First of all excuse me because I will use this comment just to ramble. I went with ichigo's route first because I was interested in his sweet persona, mind you I didn't read the trigger warning or the comments and just went straight to playing, so I thought this was just a sweet game. Spoiler alert, I immediately got hooked and played through all endings in one sitting. I didn't expect the MC to be sick in the head and I personally love her so much, even though what she did was totally wrong. I also wholeheartedly love ichigo, he still stayed with the MC through all routes and I love him for it. I think going through his route and knowing what MC's true personality is like actually made the whole playthrough so much more immersive. And going through the sweet moments with Yuzuki while knowing what those psychopaths are like, I really really enjoy it. I just think Yuzuki and Haruto deserves so much better, I wish they reunited somewhere, but considering there was that one bad ending where literally everyone died, hopefully they wont meet MC and ichigo again lmao. All in all, I love all twists and endings, will there be dlcs or extra contents about them in the future? And I'll be looking forward to your future works, thank you for making this sweet(?) game!

Aww thank you so much for the comment and for playing! I love reading the ramblings lol. So far, the only extra contents are in the form of dev logs. While I do have plans for some sort of prequel and sequel, I'm still unsure if I'll go through with it, because I'm indecisive LMAO

But once again thank you sm! Your comment was really fun to read through! :D


This was such a good game! So many plot twists as well and my jaw dropped every two seconds lol... I really really loved it though!!


Just finished playing them and it was quite outside of box situation visual novel 👁️👁️ just kinda sad that a certain character didn't get their deserve ending😭I do hope there would be a spin-off where all of them have some maybe alternate version? But overall,it is so 👍

Thank you for playing! There's not really any spin-off for now, well, there's a bit of an extra content and also an alternate universe thing if you haven't seen them already, but other than that, there's not much else yet haha


oh my god??? i really didnt expect all that to happen.. this game was simply awesome. aimi's hand/10, the good ending almost made me cry ngl 😭





ughh i remember playing this game a few months ago and i love it soo much and here i am playing it again, i love aimi so much aw

Aww I'm glad! Thank you for playing! :D


Ichigo and aimi should just leave the poor dudes alone and be together, i was fuming all throughout the yuzuki route..........

The game is dope as hell tho, definetely give it a try


The twists twisted and the brains have exploded. I love this game so much to the point that I'm just restraining myself to give out spoilers. WORTH IT TO TRY! This is an absolute puzzle of a game.

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the art style is just so good! and the history too, i got the true ending on my second try by accident but i loved it

also blew up my mind when i returned to the other route after getting the real ending bc i just connected some things TT, the game made me so exited it was and experience TT i truly loved it

edit: ugh sorry for my bad eng

Your english is okay, don't worry! Thank you for playing and for commenting! I'm happy that you enjoyed the game! <3

(2 edits) (+3)

THE NILE IS A RIVER IN EGYPT, YOUR CRUSH IS GAY thats all i can say when im playing yuzuki’s route, i highkey wanted him and haruto be happy but oh well 😭 anw aimi and ichigo r so sane and normal, love that for us <3

I really love this game btw! the twist and the plot is sooo good!! loving that detective conan reference sm

LMAOO so true tho, and thank you for playing! Glad that you enjoyed the experience! :D


(Ichigo's Route)

(Yuzuki's Route)

Thank you!! Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

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I recently found the game today and finished all the endings of Ichigo's route haha. I didn't expect that from the protagonist and Ichigo, it caught me off guard lol. I still have to do the Yuzuki route and i know i won't be disappointed! (Sorry for my english)

Thank you for creating this game ><


And thank you for playing! Don't worry about your english, I can understand it just fine (and it's not as if I'm the best at it too haha). Hope you'll enjoy Yuzuki's route! (if you haven't played it yet by now)


I have to say some of these endings were pretty unexpected. I'm still sad about Haruto and Yuzuki though.

I am so sorry about Haruto and Yuzuki but well if you think of Ichigo's bad end 1 as the canon route then all the bad things did not happen at all haha lmao

Also I've commented in the video but I'll say it again. Thank you for playing and for the gameplay! It was really enjoyable to watch :D


I honesty didn't expect the game to such a dark turn like this. I've only played Yazaki's route for now but I know Ichigo's route will be interesting.



this game was soo good!! I was hooked right from the start and all the ending variations were so fun and interesting! I loved all the characters, it was a very refreshing yandere story and all the CGs were super charming >.<

Aww thank you so much for playing and for the kind words! I'm happy that you enjoyed the game! :D


Omg i love this game, it really surprised me :D <3

It reminds me of the game doki doki literature club (I don't know why, it gives me the same vibes lol). 

(Sorry for my bad english )

Don't worry, your english is perfectly fine to me! And I actually took a bit of an inspiration from ddlc, so I'm not surprised that it reminded you of it haha. Thank you for playing! 


Masterpiece!! I loved this so so much even in moments where I already anticipated what would happen, I was still left shocked with the result! I love the characters and how well-thought-out this is! Thank you for letting us all play a wonderful and exciting game like this ^^

You're welcome and thank you too for playing! :D



made an account just for this one comment, the game's great, the characters are great, (ichigo's amazing) i was playing this with my mom, as we like to look and play visual novels to poke fun and have a good laugh and stuff, and she managed to get the true ending in the first playthrough


w-wait huh with your mom? Well, she must be a very cool mom then. I'm glad you two enjoyed the experience!


such a cute lil game!! loved the true end. 10/10!!


I love this game so of course i had to make fan art ^^

Hope you like it : D

WOAHH your art is super adorable!! I love it sm, thank you for playing and for the fanart! <33

Hello, we would like to translate this game to German and make you one of our clients. Would you be interested in that? More information you can find on our profile on itch :)

With regards, 

Mimir Translations

Thank you for offering! But sadly, I don't have anything to offer to your team and I cannot pay for the service, so I'll have to decline. I'm really sorry but I still appreciate the offer! 

Awesome game, I loved the whole premise of it. 

Thank you for playing! :D

I've been avoiding playing this because I wanna play it on Valentine's day LMAO. Honestly I might just end up playing it way before.


Inb4 you forget to play it on Valentine's day LMAO

2 months and I havent forgotten haha

BAHAH OMG just one more month and a few days left Tristan, I'll help remind you a few days before Valentine if you want

A little over a month left I think I will remember anyways. After all as a single person whos never had a date its safe to say I need some company on Valentines day. This game will have to do HAHA. Sad I know.

Hi! Wanted to ask, if you would like to add a russian translation for your game. I do them as a hobby and I would like to help out!
If you're interested, tell me how to contact you, so we could discuss everything.
Hope you get back to me!

Oh, that would be lovely but I'm gonna be honest I sadly don't have any money to pay :')

If you're still interested though, you can contact me through my email However if you don't, then I completely understand, no worries.


I LOVED THE GAME, honestly, the amount of plots it had really surprised me! I loved the experience and the characters are very well built, I will definitely play again some other day!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :D

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I got this on a whim but it's actually SOOO good, o h my g od. I can't stop screaming about this, I- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA thank you so much for making this. I was expecting some plot twists but this was just so- I genuinely love this so much fhdskgjkdhg
some spoilers below












yuzuki and haruto happy ending WHEN

please they don't get one in any of the endings I need it desperately, spin-off PLEASE (not to push you lmao, I just love them. Haruto is the real MC istg) i love them so much how could you do this to me. yes i'm talking to YOU, game developer

also aimi is SO messed up

thank you again for making this absolute masterpiece :)

Thank you for playing! And the closest thing they have for a happy ending is this if you haven't read it already and if you uhh ignore the whole story in the beginning LMAOO


...For a second I thought Haruto was alive and went insane, but then... AAAAAAAAAAAAA my heart. But that was genuinely great, even if I'm still dying inside :,)


oh my GOD??? this game was so painfully good wtf... THE HAND ENDING CAUGHT ME SO OFF GUARD im so glad i saved for every choice bc it fr matters

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! You and a handful of other people did find that ending surprising as well lol

Ofc! its super well done, kudos 


I’ll be completely honest, when I first got this game I wasn’t expecting much. As someone who’s kind of a harsh critic, I was just with a friend and thought we could just play whatever funny looking game popped up. My friend and I have a thing where we kind of poke fun at dating sims, (since we’re both aromantic and find them funny), and on the surface your game looked like the perfect target for one of our late night goofing offs.

When I tell you that this game defied every single one of our expectations, multiple times, and has become genuinely one of my favorite games; I’m not joking. This has stuck in my head weeks after playing it, and I can’t help myself from writing paragraphs upon paragraphs upon paragraphs of analysis on the characters you’ve written. An itchio game has genuinely never sparked such intense and consistent thoughts from me, and the depths of which we can analyze these handful of characters is worth praising. I swear, my friend and I spent like… 3 hours straight talking about this game and it’s characters, even weeks later. I CANNOT wait to play your next game, and I’ll probably obsess over it just as hard as I have with this one.

I genuinely love your content, and I can’t wait for your next game. 

PS: Haruto and Yuzuki break my heart the amount of all caps wailing I’ve done over those 2 is astounding how dare you do this to me /lh 

Spoilers if you care to zoom in//

When I say that we were rambling for hours I mean it my life will never be normal again after this game /lh 

(1 edit)

Oh my god HAHAH you have no idea how much your comment made me grin like an idiot! Reading those screenshots was fun too, of course I care to zoom in and read all those. You're welcome for the brainrot LMAOO I'm genuinely very happy to read all that :D

Wait but may I ask kindly for you to send me those character sheets on the top row of screenshots, please and thank you 🙏

(1 edit) (+1)
Oh, yeah haha! I was doing some “blorbo sheets” with friends and I couldn’t just do one character 

Thanks for sharing! Honestly? These are pretty accurate LMAOOO

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Great,Great! My English is so poor,but I can understand it…Maybe. I have shared it with my friends. I think some details like fonts or button can still be better. Another is,WE NEED CHINESE!!! There may be something wrong with my words. But I still think everyone can understand.

Thank you for playing! And your english is pretty good, don't worry about it! Sadly, I can't speak Chinese, so a Chinese translation wouldn't be coming up anytime soon :(

But I'm still happy that you're able to enjoy it!

the game was good, but the characters personalities make me want to not anymore?????? WE KILL ANIMALS?????? i wish there was a good ending for haruto and yuzuki :(

In an alternate universe somewhere, those two are living a peaceful life 😔

ig it was the right idea to go for  Ichigo first LOL we're both walking red flags and idk if it was intentional but having MC's highlights red while Ichigo's a pale grey was cool


That was... actually unintentional, but now that you mentioned it and I'm now aware of it, yes that is absolutely a planned design choice LMAOO

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my gosh, this game had such unexpected twists?? It was really well paced and imo is one of the more interesting takes on yanderes! you did an amazing job! 

Thank you so much! Glad I could surprise you! ^^

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