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⚠️ Please read the content warnings carefully before downloading. Prioritize your mental health first and foremost. ⚠️

Content warning (possible spoilers, click to see more)
  • Mild gore
  • Depictions of blood
  • Murder
  • Suicide
  • Implications of abuse
  • Mentions of animal death and animal abuse
  • Yandere-ish behavior

If any of these topics may upset you, please do not play the game. If you plan on playing, keep in mind that this is fiction. I do not and will never support or condone the actions relating to the list above if it were done in real life.

♡ Summary ♡

"Well... love makes you do stupid things, after all."

1 day later, and it'll be Valentine's Day.

You're playing as Aimi (name changeable) and, of course you're not going to miss out going on a date during the special day.  The problem is, you'll have to choose between your childhood friend or your crush who doesn't seem to like you back.

Unfortunately, that isn't the only problem you'll be facing. 

In your hometown, some people have gone missing without a word. Whether they are killed or kidnapped, nobody knows. You might want to be careful so that you don't become one of them.

♡ Characters ♡

♡ Features ♡

  • This is a short game. It has 17k words. It takes around two hours to finish all the routes and endings.
  • 35+ CGs
  • Two routes to choose from and a total of nine endings (six bad endings, one normal ending, one good ending, and one true ending). Check this guide to know how to get all the endings.
  • All choices in this game matters (except for the first choice in day 1).

♡ Additional Info ♡

I made the story, sprite, CG, textbox, and some buttons myself. However, for background images, BGM, and SFE, I looked for free resource/assets on websites like Unsplash, Pexel, Dova Syndrome, etc. For full credit of photo bg, SFE, and BGM sources, please read the Full Credits.txt file inside the Sweetest Valentine folder. I link every resources I used there. 

12/11/2021 - updated to ver 1.1: Deleted two lines of dialogues, deleted some {nw}s (interrupted dialogues), and fixed some typos.

14/12/2021Spanish translation patch available at: https://galaxgyuscan.wordpress.com/sweetest-valentine-otome-espanol/ (by Galaxgyuscan or Beomnie)

01/12/2022 - updated to ver 1.2: Added Russian translation (by Mikhail Burov-Kosolapin) and added main menu music

16/03/2023 - updated to ver 1.3: Added Chinese translation (by 青灯不弈)

20/05/2023 - updated to ver 1.4: Fixed some grammar and sentences (Proofreading by Snowy88666)

.•° ୨୧ °•.

Thank you for checking this page out!  This game is inspired by CHARON's games and DDLC. It's also my first game. I hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as I enjoy making it. Please let me know if you run into any error!

The comments below might contain spoilers.

°•. ୨୧ .•°
Updated 17 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(532 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, Dark, Female Protagonist, Horror, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Otome, Romance, yandere
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America, Russian, Chinese (Simplified)


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hey!! it's been a long time since I've posted here and i wanted to stop by to say thanks a lot for a lot of things!!
i figured i'd just say that surprisingly, the game got me out of a lot of bad scenarios and inspired me to write a novel ++ a game that i never finished ahaha--

also i found out that the reason why i named my protag yuki is ironically enough, I'm genderfluid now
++ would you like to hear my friends' nicknames for your characters again? 

if i don't reply my discord is kazu_piko HJDKSHDJK /nf


It's good to see you again! I'm happy to know that you're doing okay and that this game helped you in a way. That's all that matters. I'm also glad to hear you learning more about yourself! Also, hearing your friend's nicknames would be fun! 

Llore con el final 😭


The same~! I love Ichigo who is always with me~! He is sooo cute, righhhhht?

I didn't knew what to expect and was totally blows away.

What a great game. I love Ichigo and can't wait to play hus route. ^^

Sorry for being late but thank you for playing and for the video! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :D


i love ichigo 





I loved the plottwist of the game, they were just coming and coming! Really enjoyed it, thank you for the game!


I love that the killer is who you least imagine. The game is incredible and the plot is jaw-dropping, I loved it!


i really like veggie bacon



Spoilers, I made an account just to leave a comment

My review for the characters, story, and game

I WAS LITERALLY SO DISTRAUGHT AT THE YUZUKI ENDINGS (I relate to him as a character) I dont like the mc for what she did, but she's a fun character, I knew something was up when the text glitched when MC confessed to Yuzuki, and after getting my hand chopped I was like "damn. Okay I have a feeling MC did something to Yuzuki last night" and then made it the book reading scene and seeing the argument between them, it confirmed my theory. I giggled when MC fell out of the window (deserved for doing Yuzuki like that grr)

THEN SEEING THE BACK STORY LITERALLY BROKE ME. AHHHH!!!! Horuto and Yuzuki should have had an ending where they ended up safe together. (totally biased bc they have a similar dynamic as me and my lover)

For Ichigo, I literally LOVED each ending! (let's disregard that he killed Huruto. I hate him for it but you gotta do what you gotta do) Him and MC are really made for eachother I can see that. I have a love-hate relationship with him, he's insane, smart, funny, and very sneaky too! I love him for it, but I will NEVER forgive him for killing Horuto, but I still love him. My fav ending with him has to be the part where MC and Him do end up together but he gets arrested (bc I like to think in this ending he didnt kill Horuto and him and Yuzuki ran to Toyko)

I LOVED AIMI (the MC), I like how she isnt just the "quirky relatable character LOLz" and actually had actual personality and spice into her. I love how she's crazy in her own way but just like Ichigo... I WILL NEVER. EVERRR FORGIVE HER FOR KILLING HORUTO AND YUZUKI! My favorite ending is for her has to be the following: she fell out of the window, she got her arm cut off, and her true ending. 

And then last but not the least, Horuto. I wish I saw him more. He was a very interesting character and I love how he's really just average... (Even his name is basic that I had to play the game again bc I forgot it) I liked how he genuinely cares as Yuzuki and wants the best for him unlike Aimi had a sort of infatuation with him. I cried seeing that he was decapitated and screamed into my pillow... I like how he really has a lot of potential.

For the story, I really liked the premise and vibes, It's very well made as a story writer myself and the characters are very compelling and interesting. I can see the amount of time and effort put into the lore in general and it's a 10/10. Each character has very unique traits and aren't in any way flat. The dialogue is captivating and not too wordy, it's also not cringe inducing or plays so much on  the "They're all insane but quirky!" kind of tropes I usually see in this kind of media. Everything felt natural and human. Usually I skim through dialogues or skip them to go to the next option.

Though, this game was different. I took my time reading and theorizing rather than just sitting on my chair and sighing while I cringe at the interactions between the characters. I enjoyed narration, inner-monologue, the interactions, bc I'll say it again. Everything felt Natural and human.

For the game and graphics, the art was BEAUTIFUL! And the theme and music were on point. I have no critics, I love the character designs, the pink-cutesy pastel theme the menu went for, I love the artstyle. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS GAMEE!

That's all I have to say, this game is amazing, you're a very skilled and talented individual, like it's crazy how you did almost everything by yourself! It's a good game, I love it, I'm definitely play it again. 


Woah thank you for playing and for the long review! I'm glad you enjoyed the overall experience! I also feel super honored that you made an account to leave a review, it truly does mean a lot! :D

Spoilers below

I'm always really happy to see more people liking/relating to Yuzuki and/or Haruto. Well- I'm happy to see people even give my game a chance, let alone get attached to one or more characters, but I've seen so many give love to Ichigo that it feels refreshing when the others get the same amount of attention too! I find it really adorable that you and your partner have the same dynamic as yuzuharu though (and I'm also sorry (not really) that they end up... like that)

You enjoying the MC yet wanting her to be run over and trampled to death (this is a exaggeration LOL) is so funny yet also so relatable. As the writer, I had so much fun writing her antics yet I want her to just explode at some point LMAO. The same goes for Ichigo too! I'm glad to hear that you like the pair even with all of their shenanigans!

Hearing that you took your time to stop and theorize truly makes me so happy! It truly is an honor to have people take their time to read this and to savor it instead of rushing it and cringing through it! This was my first work, but I'm immensely grateful for all the love you and other people have given it!

With how long your comment is, I'd love to reply more but sadly my brain can only think of this much without sounding like an absolutely broken record :') Please do know that your comment truly made my day and that I'm so happy that you enjoyed your time with Sweetest Valentine! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you!

OMG I cant believe you actually responded, sorry for the late reply btw, I had exams and projects that prevented me from being online that much and I'm so happy that my comment made your day. Keep up the great work, its an amazing game! I cant wait to play more of your works when I have the time :) 

I would write something longer but I don't have the energy honestly... LOL I'll make a second reply soon though :DD



Firstly, I played Ichigo's route a few months ago. It was cute (?)(My memory is not that good...). And then today I played Yuzuki's route and OMG that was a wild ride! At first I was cussing to him. Like, how dare he chop MC's hand like that?? And then The Aftermath part came... Now I just want Haruto and Yuzuki going to Tokyo all safe and sound and continue living together... AGHHH IM JUST SO MAD! Pleaseee make another story which they are happy...

Thank you for playing and for leaving a comment! :D

Spoilers below

I'm not sure if I want to make another story where yuzuharu is alive and happy, but I might make an aftermath story about Yuzuki's future... maybe. For now though, there's only this devlog that details Yuzuki's future and also some AU stuff. You can check it out if you'd like!



Bro I hate the mc so much but I love this game too😭 I chose Yuzuki because I was like "Okay, so Ichigo is obviously the yandere. And I love yandere so save dessert for last". But omg I was genuinely hating Yuzuki in the beginning, BECAUSE WHAT DID I EVEN DO TO YOU? HOE. And then I learnt of what I did and then the backstory came in and I was ugly muttering. 

And I'm sorry, but why is the ed where everyone dies so funny to me??

Then I went for Ichigo, and it was all going fine because I didn't see Yuzuki for the entire route, until Ichigo and Haruto was speaking, and I thought he was going to let him go and Haruto would give up. NO. MY BABY, YUZUKI, HARUTO😭😭 WHY CAN'T THEY JUST BE HAPPY. Ngl i totally digged the true ending but seeing Haruto's kinda broke me, and I was like, why does she get Ichigo? IT SHOULDA BEEN ME. AND OMG YUZUKI ;(((

In the end, I went to the Hand ending before closing the game to see MC suffer one last time.

As you can see, I loved this game🥰


Hey Reinasaurous! Your comment is literally so funny to me (and dw, even I have a love hate relationship with the MC. Writing her is super fun because she's extremely sane and not at all crazy. But that's also the reason why I don't like her LMAOO). The fact that you went to that one ending to see her suffer is so real 😭

Glad you enjoyed the experience tho! Thanks for playing and for commenting! :D


The endings really caught me by surprise! What a well-done plot twist, I was completely fooled into thinking it was a cute and short game about Valentine's Day. I really loved it!

(1 edit) (+1)






i nearly punched my laptop screen when yuzuki cut my hand (like seriously) when i just tried to help him (why) and got super confused...i started with his route and he caught me by surprise!(i knew that ichigo was a yandere) that's why my dumb ass thought that he might do yandere stuff if i chose yuzuki (🤡🤡)(i'm a sucker for yanderes) and like mann i thought ''I KNOW HOW DUMB I AM THAT'S WHY I'LL MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN'' and BAM i made the same mistake again and chose to open the window myself AND "before i know it...i'm already falling down" and i honestly DIDN'T expect this (and trust me i genuinely needed a break after yuzuki's route 💀)

the plot twists were so well written that i almost had an heart attack and i loved ichigo from start to end; no matter what he did.

thank you for this masterpiece, truly ❤️


I'm sorry for almost giving you a heart attack (jk) but I'm really happy that you enjoyed the experience! Your comment was so much fun to read lol, thanks for leaving one and for playing! <3


i forgive you ;)

thanks for the reply! T^T<3




Coming back to this after I finished 😭 How I miss Ichigo

Welcome back Zayoa, glad to see you here again after a while LMAO


We all miss Ichigo,

 as much as I want to strangle him for doing Haruto like that


the miX of emotions :'3 absolutely cute tho! aaaaa the ending with ichigo was so uneXpected qwq


auughh we need a game o a happy ending for Haruto and yuzuki they're too cute. this game was absolutely amazing though, i wasn't expecting the twists at all but that's definitely what made it better. good job and ty for the amazing game :D

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad that you enjoyed the experience! :D


I just have a small thing to say; I completed Ichigo's true ending, and I loved it! I loved Aimi's reaction to and handling of the situation, I love it when the darling is just as yandere as the yandere themselves haha. I just wanted to say I appreciate it because I don't often see this in yandere stories. Thank you for making this! I'll be checking out Yuzuki's route too. (Apologies, I got so excited I just had to comment haha)


Thank you for playing through Ichigo's route! I'm happy that you liked it! :D


Plot twist on twist on twist on twist.

I love the story and the art style! Beautiful CGs!


plot twists and endings are all flabbergasting bro. 10/10. ichigo is bbg material


I was so surprised by all of the different endings. This game was so exciting! My favorite character was actually Haruto, so seeing him die a bunch of times was very.. interesting. </33

My apologies and condolences to all the Haruto fans out there. Jokes aside, thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! :D


Hey!!! This game was such a fun surprise! I REALLY loved - everything - the stories.. the ending.. the art!
You have done an amazing job here! It's different from almost every game that I played so I was really surprised. Thank you!

Wow you're welcome and thank you too for your kind words! I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed the game! <3


I'm sorry but I still can't use the option for this game and whenever I try to use it, it has problems (I use a mac computer)😢

Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! I have fixed it and the option menu should work now. Please try to download the 1.5 version of the game. Don't be afraid to let me know if there's any more errors if you run into any! 


Thank you very much, I can use it normally now!🥰


ok this got me mad a few times but its so GOOD.. it took me a while to get the true ending but it was a really cool game :3!



First I want to make it clear that Ichigo's the cutest thing in the world and I love him 🥰


I'm still trying to understand why Yuzuki CUT MY FUCKING HAND when I offered help, this boy's insane really.

Ok I was surprised by the plot twist in Yuzuki's route, wdym the MC is the psycho??? OMG, I swore it was going to be Yuzuki or Ichigo u know? 

The ending 4 even made me laugh a little cuz LITERALLY everyone dies: I kill Yuzuki cuz of Haruto, then kill Haruto, kill myself and in the end Ichigo kills himself cuz he's without me. (that ending was perfect I swear lol)

WHAT DO YOU MEAN ICHIGO'S A MURDERER??? I had suspicions, but I was still taken by surprise, even the ending "Death Sentence" left me feeling bad, I just wanted to live happily with my baby, his last words to me just made me fall apart inside, there is no way not to like Ichigo ( he's SO HANDSOME older)


This game is one of the best I've ever played here, really, I don't regret every second spent playing this piece of art <3


Your random notes are so much fun to read, it's so funny (in a good way) tbh. But thank you so much for playing! I'm happy and feel honored that you think this game is good! :D


okay? i'm in shock, i must admit,the yuzuki route,it left me pretty disturbed,but i loved the game.

(1 edit) (+1)


I didn't start playing this game spoiler-free, I knew there was a yandere somewhere. When I got to the main choice, I chose Ichigo because he was so obviously the yandere one, and I feared the unknown. Then, I had to leave. When I came back I chose Yuzuki, for humanity is nothing without curiosity! Then, when the red flash happened, I went "Aww hell nah, I've played enough 'For Amerta' to know exactly what this means." and then came back to choose Ichigo.

Needless to say, that was one hard choice lmao

I then got the true ending first try (Nice) and subsequently all the bad ones.

Once I was done with that, I went to play mah boy Yuzuki's route.

Tried getting all the bad endings first this time, but after the huge change in visual novel focus to romance I forgot that and got the good ending :( I was almost there, dang it (Also, in the first bad ending, I thought he was gonna force our head in the soup)

All in all, this was a very exquisite lil vn. I loved Haruto and Yuzuki's romance and I named protag "Syllphana" which was quite funny lol (I am sorry)

Here are a few typos:

"The police is incompotent"

"Plus it'll make you seem more apporachable"

"This might dissapoint you"


The fact that you named the protag after me is so funny tbh LMAO. Good call, I say, knowing what happens in the story.

Thank you for playing both my games though! I really appreciate it and I'm really happy to know that you enjoyed both games! Thank you for pointing out the typos as well. I'll fix it later (when I remember, hopefully I do).


Loved this game so so much. I hope to find more like it in the future :,)




The story's plot and endings are so... interesting... 😭
I love the game and art very much tho!!! :D


I did not expect the true ending lol. I went with Ichigos' route initially, got all of his endings, and now I realize I need a break before going through Yuzukis' route ngl 😅


I didn't expect MC to be crazy ahh too, but if I'm being honest it's quite refreshing! I have a love and hate relationship with her 😭


You and me both, Zayoa. I love and hate the MC too LMAO, writing her was so much fun though!


It's kinda funny that I played this today all because of Wheel of names, I have a list of yandere-ish itchio VNs like this and so it's pretty hard to pick out one just like that, and I'll say that it was a blessed spin LMAO




Okay i didn't expect the Yuzuki route at all



(2 edits) (+2)


Aww thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and happy to hear that it's become one of your favorites! I'm still contemplating making a sequel, because while I do have a plot in mind, I just don't think I'd be able to pull it off well. So I don't think I'd make a sequel unless I changed my mind or unless there are a lot of demands for it LMAO

finally it updated and keep it up bruv

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