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⚠️ Please read the content warnings carefully before downloading. Prioritize your mental health first and foremost. ⚠️
Content warning (possible spoilers, click to see more)
  • Mild gore
  • Depictions of blood
  • Murder
  • Suicide
  • Implications of abuse
  • Mentions of animal death and animal abuse
  • Yandere-ish behavior

If any of these topics may upset you, please do not play the game. If you plan on playing, keep in mind that this is fiction. I do not and will never support or condone the actions relating to the list above if it were done in real life.

♡ Summary ♡

"Well... love makes you do stupid things, after all."

1 day later, and it'll be Valentine's Day.

You're playing as Aimi (name changeable) and, of course you're not going to miss out going on a date during the special day.  The problem is, you'll have to choose between your childhood friend or your crush who doesn't seem to like you back.

Unfortunately, that isn't the only problem you'll be facing. 

In your hometown, some people have gone missing without a word. Whether they are killed or kidnapped, nobody knows. You might want to be careful so that you don't become one of them.

♡ Characters ♡

♡ Features ♡

  • This is a short game. It has 17k words and takes around an hour to finish.
  • 35+ CGs
  • Two routes to choose from and a total of nine endings (six bad endings, one normal ending, one good ending, and one true ending). Check this guide to know how to get all the endings.
  • All choices in this game matters (except for the first choice in day 1).

♡ Additional Info ♡

I made the story, sprite, CG, textbox, and some buttons myself. However, for background images, BGM, and SFE, I looked for free resource/assets on websites like Unsplash, Pexel, Dova Syndrome, etc. For full credit of photo bg, SFE, and BGM sources, please read the Full Credits.txt file inside the Sweetest Valentine folder. I link every resources I used there. 

12/11/2021 - updated to ver 1.1: Deleted two lines of dialogues, deleted some {nw}s (interrupted dialogues), and fixed some typos.

14/12/2021 - Spanish translation patch available at: https://galaxgyuscan.wordpress.com/sweetest-valentine-otome-espanol/

.•° ୨୧ °•.

Thank you for checking this page out!  This game is inspired by CHARON's games and DDLC. It's also my first game. I hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as I enjoy making it. Feedback will be greatly appreciated!

The comments below might contain spoilers.

°•. ୨୧ .•°
Updated 29 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(260 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, Dark, Female Protagonist, Horror, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Otome, Romance, yandere
Average sessionAbout an hour


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made an account just for this one comment, the game's great, the characters are great, (ichigo's amazing) i was playing this with my mom, as we like to look and play visual novels to poke fun and have a good laugh and stuff, and she managed to get the true ending in the first playthrough


w-wait huh with your mom? Well, she must be a very cool mom then. I'm glad you two enjoyed the experience!

such a cute lil game!! loved the true end. 10/10!!


I love this game so of course i had to make fan art ^^

Hope you like it : D

WOAHH your art is super adorable!! I love it sm, thank you for playing and for the fanart! <33

Hello, we would like to translate this game to German and make you one of our clients. Would you be interested in that? More information you can find on our profile on itch :)

With regards, 

Mimir Translations

Thank you for offering! But sadly, I don't have anything to offer to your team and I cannot pay for the service, so I'll have to decline. I'm really sorry but I still appreciate the offer! 

Awesome game, I loved the whole premise of it. 

Thank you for playing! :D

I've been avoiding playing this because I wanna play it on Valentine's day LMAO. Honestly I might just end up playing it way before.


Inb4 you forget to play it on Valentine's day LMAO

Hi! Wanted to ask, if you would like to add a russian translation for your game. I do them as a hobby and I would like to help out!
If you're interested, tell me how to contact you, so we could discuss everything.
Hope you get back to me!

Oh, that would be lovely but I'm gonna be honest I sadly don't have any money to pay :')

If you're still interested though, you can contact me through my email hope.asasin@gmail.com. However if you don't, then I completely understand, no worries.


I LOVED THE GAME, honestly, the amount of plots it had really surprised me! I loved the experience and the characters are very well built, I will definitely play again some other day!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! :D

(1 edit) (+1)

I got this on a whim but it's actually SOOO good, o h my g od. I can't stop screaming about this, I- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA thank you so much for making this. I was expecting some plot twists but this was just so- I genuinely love this so much fhdskgjkdhg
some spoilers below












yuzuki and haruto happy ending WHEN

please they don't get one in any of the endings I need it desperately, spin-off PLEASE (not to push you lmao, I just love them. Haruto is the real MC istg) i love them so much how could you do this to me. yes i'm talking to YOU, game developer

also aimi is SO messed up

thank you again for making this absolute masterpiece :)

Thank you for playing! And the closest thing they have for a happy ending is this if you haven't read it already and if you uhh ignore the whole story in the beginning LMAOO


...For a second I thought Haruto was alive and went insane, but then... AAAAAAAAAAAAA my heart. But that was genuinely great, even if I'm still dying inside :,)


oh my GOD??? this game was so painfully good wtf... THE HAND ENDING CAUGHT ME SO OFF GUARD im so glad i saved for every choice bc it fr matters

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! You and a handful of other people did find that ending surprising as well lol


I’ll be completely honest, when I first got this game I wasn’t expecting much. As someone who’s kind of a harsh critic, I was just with a friend and thought we could just play whatever funny looking game popped up. My friend and I have a thing where we kind of poke fun at dating sims, (since we’re both aromantic and find them funny), and on the surface your game looked like the perfect target for one of our late night goofing offs.

When I tell you that this game defied every single one of our expectations, multiple times, and has become genuinely one of my favorite games; I’m not joking. This has stuck in my head weeks after playing it, and I can’t help myself from writing paragraphs upon paragraphs upon paragraphs of analysis on the characters you’ve written. An itchio game has genuinely never sparked such intense and consistent thoughts from me, and the depths of which we can analyze these handful of characters is worth praising. I swear, my friend and I spent like… 3 hours straight talking about this game and it’s characters, even weeks later. I CANNOT wait to play your next game, and I’ll probably obsess over it just as hard as I have with this one.

I genuinely love your content, and I can’t wait for your next game. 

PS: Haruto and Yuzuki break my heart the amount of all caps wailing I’ve done over those 2 is astounding how dare you do this to me /lh 

Spoilers if you care to zoom in//

When I say that we were rambling for hours I mean it my life will never be normal again after this game /lh 

(1 edit)

Oh my god HAHAH you have no idea how much your comment made me grin like an idiot! Reading those screenshots was fun too, of course I care to zoom in and read all those. You're welcome for the brainrot LMAOO I'm genuinely very happy to read all that :D

Wait but may I ask kindly for you to send me those character sheets on the top row of screenshots, please and thank you 🙏

(1 edit) (+1)
Oh, yeah haha! I was doing some “blorbo sheets” with friends and I couldn’t just do one character 

Thanks for sharing! Honestly? These are pretty accurate LMAOOO

(1 edit)

Great,Great! My English is so poor,but I can understand it…Maybe. I have shared it with my friends. I think some details like fonts or button can still be better. Another is,WE NEED CHINESE!!! There may be something wrong with my words. But I still think everyone can understand.

Thank you for playing! And your english is pretty good, don't worry about it! Sadly, I can't speak Chinese, so a Chinese translation wouldn't be coming up anytime soon :(

But I'm still happy that you're able to enjoy it!

the game was good, but the characters personalities make me want to not anymore?????? WE KILL ANIMALS?????? i wish there was a good ending for haruto and yuzuki :(

In an alternate universe somewhere, those two are living a peaceful life 😔

ig it was the right idea to go for  Ichigo first LOL we're both walking red flags and idk if it was intentional but having MC's highlights red while Ichigo's a pale grey was cool


That was... actually unintentional, but now that you mentioned it and I'm now aware of it, yes that is absolutely a planned design choice LMAOO

(1 edit)


my gosh, this game had such unexpected twists?? It was really well paced and imo is one of the more interesting takes on yanderes! you did an amazing job! 

Thank you so much! Glad I could surprise you! ^^

I played this game with a friend of mine at midnight since we play indie games on weekends. This game was sad, happy, all the fuccking emotions. This game is amazing and play it with a friend sincce idk its better. Ichigo best boy!

Ooh, indie games weekends sounds like a lot of fun! I'm happy that you and your friend enjoyed playing it!


OMGGG TYSM I LOVE THIS GAME AND ICHIGO (yes) Ty for making this !!! <3

downloaded this out of boredom but holy I wasnt expecting that at all..!! managed to get all the endings (without the guide btw) and true ending was my final playthrough and it kinda tied everything up together so it's my favorite aha. kudos for this simple yet cute game I enjoyed it soso much

Aww glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing! :D

(1 edit) (+1)

(Yuzuki's Route)

OMGosh WHAT!?  What was up with that "good ending"!!😱

Don't get me wrong I loved this game, but WHY!? 😓

It was fantastic but you know, now I need THERAPY!!🥲

I will never walk inside another human's house again without thinking of this game, and because of that, I know your game was memorable to me. 

So Thank you so much for this experience regardless.🥰

Thank you!! Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

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Thank you too and congratulations for finishing the entire game! I've said this in your comment section but I'll say it again, your playthrough was so much fun to watch! :DD

I really loved the game ! I had some chills when i played the ichigo route... i didn't expect everyone to be like they are. And that's what i really loved ! It was very mysterious and unexpected !

Also... i'm starting to create a game too (a french otome game, since i'm french). Can i ask if you have, perhaps, some tips ? And i noticed that there were no CG album. You said you didn't program it... is it because it's hard to make ? I want to make one in the future, but i really don't understand how to do so. If you have some knowledge... feel free to share it with me !

Have a nice day and thank you again for the game :)

Aww thank you for playing! I'm glad you loved it! 
Ooh good luck with your development! About CG albums, actually, I didn't bother trying to code it at first because I don't really like coding. But I've tried adding it for my upcoming project and it's actually much simpler than I thought! I recommend Zeil Learnings vid as it's simple and easy to understand. Zeil also has a template for it too here. You can find other tutorials in her youtube channel and they're really helpful for me, so I hope you find them helpful as well!

If I have to add another tip, make backups of your project. After you're done working on it, try to create a backup as soon as possible (I use google drive personally, but anything works). While coding, you may or may not screw up and your codes are just this copy and paste failed mess (uhh totally not speaking from experience). This is where the backups come in handy, as you can just redownload that file and try again.

God that end up being long. I hope this knowledge can help though! Again, good luck with your project, don't forget to take a rest if you're tired, and feel free to just contact me if you need help with anything! I'll try to help out the best I can, even though I'm still a noob at renpy LMAOO

Thank you very much for all these tips !

I saw the video of Zeil Learnings, and i succeeded making an album with locked CG and all (i have cried because some things didn't work well despite making the same codes as the video, but i succeeded eventually... !!) now i want to try adding pages to this album. Like in most otome game, you can normally click on the character you want, to see his CGs, and i want to add that + pages in these characters albums if there is too much CGs for one page. But i'm shit at coding and i don't know how to make it, and i don't find tutos about that too sooo... maybe i will not make CGs (but its pissing me off) or just a few... we'll see !

I heard you for the other tip to make backups of my project lmao ! I will do that :)

Again, thank you very much ! You're very adorable, and i will take you to the word and contact you if i need help !! You may still a noob, but you have succeeded to make a good game, so you're an accomplished noobie game developper lmao ! 

Oh, actually, I've found a template that lets you choose your love interest's CGs here! It's made by Zeil, so if you've already understood the simple version of the cg album code, you should be able to understand this one too (even if it takes you a few tries and experimentations).

You're welcome and thank you too for your kind words! Coding can be hard especially if you have little to no prior experience, but I believe you can do it! 

Oh thank you very much ! I tried to use the template but... it is too small for my game. I tried to change the resolution of 1280, 720 to 1920, 1080 but then i have to change eeeeeeeeverything size and it is just too much. So i want to change the position of "loveinterests" and "return" since its outside the frame, but i don't find where i have to change it (i can do it, right ? is it possible ?) i will look again but ugh its so difficult when you're a noobie at it XD thank you for your cheers !

Nevermind, i found it in the gallery navigation.  I'm so relieved... this excitation when you have succeeded to do something you thought you couldn't LMAO

Ichigo's Route All Endings:

This game was SO GOOD!! 

I was not expecting this to take such a turn. I don't want to give too many spoilers so I won't say much. BUT MY GOSH, THIS WAS A HIDDEN GEM I ALMOST WALKED AWAY FROM!! 😆

Thank you!! Keep up the good work and stay safe!! 👍

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Oooh! Thank you so much for playing and for the gameplay!! I'm glad you seem to be enjoying it and I'll be watching this sooner or later, I can't wait to see your reactions on some things LMAO


I had a lot of fun playing this game, especially guessing character motives. I still haven't finished Yuzuki route, although I reached the Normal, True and 2nd Bad Endings through my gameplays.

At first I had small insignificant things to nit pick, but when the story picked up its place I had no complaints. Each character has so much depth and secret motivations, this is all really intriguing.

Hoping to play more games from you.

Ooh thank you for playing and for the gameplay! I'll be watching it pretty soon. I'm glad you enjoyed the characters though and I hope the rest of the game doesn't disappoint!

this game is really amazing, I really liked the story and the characters, the yuzuki road literally made me sad and ichigo is so cute! I did not expect some ends and frankly I loved all the twists in this game! I’m so sad to have finished it, oh and I’m sorry if there are mistakes I’m French ),:

(1 edit)

Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed it and don't worry about making a mistake, your english is really good! :DD


I haven't finished this game but I love it so far! But is there a CG album? and if so how do I access it?

Uhh yeah about that-- I didn't really program the CG album in, so unfortunately, you'd have to go through and skip a lot of chunks to view the CGs again, sorry about the inconvenience but I'm glad you enjoyed it so far! ><

It's nearly 1 am now but since I have just finished the game, I cannot wait to leave a cmt for this wonderful game. 

First to say, Ichigo is really a sweetheart, I love him a lot and I was happy with the fact that he was not the typical yandere type, like oh she loves this man, let's go on and kill him, yay, or was crazily jealous. He was quite considerate in my opinion and the way he care about her made my heart melt. 

Secondly, Aimi's hobby was real a surprise for me, but yes, and yay, she can empathize wirh Ichigo, be together with him in happiness and harmony, which is what you can ever wish to have in a yandere type game, the mc is not overwhelmed by the yandere love interest's personality. 

And finally, Yuzuki's story. Even though I have played Ichigo route first, his revelation did come as a surprise lol, and his full story with Haruto was heart warming, sadly that did not end well. Therefore, I at least think that the ending when all 4 died was the best one in Yuzuki route. Anyway, why did Ichigo took so long to visit Aimi in prison? Did he just go and kill Haruto or smt :) ?

So in short, great game! What a healthy yandere meal for the soul before drifting to sleep. Love it ♡

Aaah thank you for playing and for the kind comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it and the characters! Hope you did have a good sleep after playing the game :D

Ichigo took so long to visit Aimi mostly because he felt conflicted and kind of guilty, and maybe he did kill Haruto, maybe not 👀 And ending 4 as the best ending in Yuzuki's route? Now that's a take I haven't seen before LMAO

(1 edit)

None could have lived happily without their important person anyway :) Soooooo at least when they die together they are at peace together ehehe XD 

You're not wrong I guess it is the fairest ending for all of them LOL

yep XD

To be fair Yandere arcs are not supposed to be healthy and such

don't take it too literally, we're all aware that yanderes are toxic and problematic irl lmao

Yea i meant that it's no surprise if they are toxic and problematic in the game since that's the idea and their appeal Sorry if i wasn't clear


Oh nah don't worry about it, I kinda misinterpreted the comment too, so I'm also sorry


No worries you seem like a really cool person stay the way you are! Take care

(5 edits)

i absolutely loved it! i started playing around 3:21 am and ended it (with all the endings) at 6 am AND UGHH, it was SOO good! i kinda of did a gameplay to my friend and they also loved it! THE TWIST IN MC'S CHARACTER IS SO !!!!"#"=$"# AND THE ARTSTYLE IS SO *CHEFF KISS*

anyways, I FULLY recomend the game!! i also recommend playing yuzuki's route first !"=#!"= STILL, i loved both ichigo and yuzuki in both's route!! i love the glichy things and then the revealing his backstory in yuzuki's route- IT WAS A EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER

SO GOOD, im totally looking foward more of your games!

also, justice for my boys yuzuki and hayato waah, i would die if i see more content of them /pos

AAA thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the experience! You played it super early, I hope you got a good rest before or after playing it. :D

Speaking of more Yuzuki and Haruto content, scrolling through my notes, I actually did wrote them this... fanfic? Short story? 
It's just more angst though because man I love angsts. If you or if anyone else is interested in this uhh tell me and I'll post it LMAO

NP!!! it was one of the best games ive played this year! i did haha, ty por caring


but i would LOVE to see that fic, i love angst too tbh HAHAAH

I'm 2 days late I keep forgetting, sorry about that, but the fic is finally here! 

And about getting Haruto's name wrong, don't sweat it LMAO 

Once again, thank you for the compliments!! :D


I'm dead. Like. I legit am still reeling. I finished the game at like 10:42pm and it's now 11:19pm. I THOUGHT WHEN YOU SAID ABOUT THE WARNINGS I THOUGHT YOU MEANT THE TYPICAL YANDERE WARNINGS! BRO THIS DID SO MUCH DAMAGE TO ME. I AM HURT. THANK YOU. 

Where do I even begin. Boi where do I begin. I am shaking. How dare you break me, HOW DARE YOU BREAK ME SO WELL I CAN'T HELP BUT STARE AT THE CEILING?!??! Below will be spoilers because I just can't.

I'M KINDA GLAD I WENT FOR ICHIGO'S ROUTE FIRST BECAUSE THE ONLY WHIPLASH I GOT THERE WAS THE TRUE ENDING WHERE MC IS ALSO CRAZY AS FUCK. Sorry lemme uncaps lock I'm so sorry I'm literally screeching like a banshee, anyway, so I was really not expecting MC to also be like a... Yandere, no but someone trigger happy. I adored that ending and I absolutely love Ichigo, I'll kill for him anytime (fondly) and clean up the traces as best as I can (genuinely)! But...



BOI/GIRL/FRIEND-O PRESTO, sorry capslock, did you wake up and choose violence???? You said you were lazy in your behind the scenes post with Yuzuki's route but jesus christ it was so well-written! The scene where Haruto and Yuziku'sdeveloping relationship showed made me scream because the twist where it shows that MC killed Yuzuki is very much painful. Very very painful!!! Yuzuki did not deserve this, Yuzuki deserved to live happily with Horuto-- THEY WERE GONNA RUN AWAY TO TOKYO *ugly wailing* And-- And no matter what ending, those two were destined for a shitty ending because Haruto just had to stumble in on Ichigo and-- IT WAS NO USE I'M CRYING ON THE INSIDE AGAIN!!

I still love Ichigo, in fact I still love him even in Yuzuki's Good Ending where he literally stayed for MC and jesus christ this is a wonderful horrifying heart-wrenching visual novel I have read, until now I am broken, I am static, I want to pass through the universe's boundaries because holy shit Yuzuki's Route????? IT DESERVES ITS OWN WARNING. AN EMOTIONAL HEART SCARRING WARNING.

Anyway I'm dying wonderful game! Seriously, please don't mind the uh--.... emotional turmoil I'm in, currently in btw, but this is such a great visual novel. I'm looking forward and bracing my heart for the other game you're creating! Especially when it's within the same universe as Sweetest Valentine, I'm curious what the canonical ending is (please say it's the True Ending because DAMMIT IF THERE NEEDS TO BE ONE PERSON HAPPY AT LEAST LET IT BE MC AND ICHIGO ಥ_ಥ) (WE ALL KNOW HORUTO AND YUZUKI COULDN'T HAVE A HAPPY ENDING DAMMIT!!!)

Hey Neci, I've seen you in almost every other game I've played, it's nice to see you here even if uhh my game kinda broke you LMAOO (gotta love your dedication commenting, rating, and putting descriptions in collections. I strive to be as dedicated as you someday)

Sorry (not really) for laughing at your pain but goddamn your comments are so fun to read. I wanted Yuzuki's route to be filled with angst because I looove angst HAHA, I'm glad you liked it despite the pain 

But the true ending at Ichigo's route is indeed the canonical ending! But funny story about that other game I've mentioned in the behind the scene log, uhh, that idea is kinda scrapped. My new project is still within the same universe (kinda), but it won't have anything to do with sweetest valentine. I'm sorry if that disappoints you 

But thank you so much for playing and commenting and all the other stuff! Honestly, your comments did make my night! 


Oh no, I've spammed you too-- 

Anyway, it's okay if the other game is different! I'm not less excited at all because of that, I'm just excited to see whatever painful thing you'll come up next! (I'm not letting my grudge go *squints*) But also your reply also made me grin like an idiot because rereading my comment, jesus christ yesterday me desperately needs to sleep. 

Goodluck, again, with your current project/game! May you continue to spread angst and revel in the despair of us folks who have been masochistic enough to venture further (fondly)~!


THIS WAS SUCH A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE OF A GAME!! I got all the endings and absolutely LOVED the true ending!! I never would have expected that and it was honestly the most perfect ending i could ask for, never thought id find it in a game tho!

AAAH thank you! I'm glad you think that the true ending is perfect! 


I just loved this game! There are so many emotions at once. The story and how it all happens is interesting and captivating. I fell in love with Ichigo, I loved his ending with MC, so perfect, there's nothing to complain about. And the art style is so cute and adorable! Anyway, I could play several times that I would never get bored. <3

Thank you for playing and commenting! I'm happy you enjoyed the game! <33

Great game! Spoliers:

YUZUKI AND HAYATO DIDNT DESERVE ANY OF THIS WAHHHH YOU BROKE MY HEART but like i said great game  and i really enjoyed it made me shocked mulptiple times and the art is cute :3

Thank you, acqan! I'm glad you still enjoyed it despite your broken heart! :D



A fun way to pass a little time, I found the MC's character art charming, and the art style and the UI is really adorable; the music was fitting without being grating or too repetitious and the CGs in Ichigo's route, especially the True End CG, were stand-outs among the others. I would have liked a gallery for the CGs, but since the game is so short, seeing them again isn't a hassle at all. I could guess how things would go from the start, except for MC's little "hobby," but that didn't stop most of the game from being enjoyable; there aren't a lot of games that flip the script like this, and it was done well, producing a real Sympathy for the Devil-type situation. I wound up fond of Ichigo and the MC, and was genuinely pleased by the True End.

I will say that I thought the last half of Yuzuki's route, covering his backstory, was the weakest part of the game: Since it was basically an info-dump, it turned into a kinetic novel and didn't leave much of an impression on me. This may have been because I guessed how things were going to go, so the Reveals didn't feel as important or pivotal as intended. This might be why I was a little disappointed by MC's final action in Bad End 4, but maybe things would have been different if she took Ichigo's calls! I also felt Ichigo's characterization was a little uneven since the True End route has MC talk about how Ichigo was conflicted, yet earlier he was super confident and gloating when talking to Haruto, though this wasn't enough to bother me much.

All in all, I enjoyed my playthroughs and am interested in seeing your future work!


Thank you for playing and for the detailed feedback! I'm happy you still enjoyed the experience regardless of the downsides of this game. I'll try to keep your words in mind so that my next project will hopefully end up being better! :D

(1 edit) (+1)

This is my first actual review of a game so stay with me here, it's gonna be all over the place. I didn't go in with major expectations primarily because neither of the LI were particularly my type appearance wise, but man oh man... this was definitely an experience. I was genuinely shocked by the reveal, but then again, I went in with zero expectations and completely blind to what the storyline was! I really enjoyed the twist and even the "mob" characters like Haruto managed to worm their way into my heart, I loved his background story! I also loved the MC, she felt more like a character than ME per se (then again, I'm a man, I cannot project super well into cute girls, lmao!), but I can vibe with that in stories like this one, where the MC is basically her own character and not exactly the PLAYER you know! Sidenote... Ichigo's adult CGs... he very quickly became my type appearance wise. I'm very okay with this progression. Overall great game!! Five stars, 10/10, great experience! I got all endings within about an hour for anyone curious about playtime!

Thank you for the review and for playing! I definitely enjoyed reading through your review. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the game (and also glad that adult Ichigo does not disappoint you)! 



(1 edit) (+1)

I love this game! The story is so good i never expected this kind of plot, every choice leads to something interesting so you never get bored. The artstyle is also rly cute and the OSTs makes the experience 10x better ! It totally deserve a 10/10, i just had wished to see more of MCs background but the lenght of the game was actually perfect , not too short nor too long.

I love all characters, you really did an amazing work with their personality ! i finish it in one go and its now 3am haha but it was worth it.

Thanks for creating and sharing this gem !

Aww thank you too for playing and sacrificing some of your sleeping time to finish this game! :'D




I absolutely loved this game!! It was so fun to find all the endings! I love Ichigo so much!<333 All of the characters were done amazing, the drawings are sp pretty, the twists in the story were great! overall totally worth staying up till 3 am playing this. 10/10 game! <3


Aaah thank you for taking the time to play this til 3 am! I hope you got a good sleep afterwards! :D


I really enjoyed this game. It's very well written, the story is dark and is full of twists and turns that will constantly keep you at the edge of your seat and wondering what will happen next. The characters are very well written and you grow to care about each of them(which can be difficult to execute, but the creator absolutely nailed it). The art is beautiful. The music is amazing. This game is able to move you from a happy state of mind to a haunted one at ease. I would definitely recommend checking it out. Thank you to the creator for sharing 😊


Thank you so much for playing and making the video! Watching you play through Ichigo's route was super fun. I haven't caught up with your gameplay of Yuzuki's but I'm sure that'll be interesting to watch through as well! 

Once again, thank you! I'm glad that you enjoyed the experience! Have a nice day! <3 


MC's crazy, Ichigo's crazy, and Yuzuki and Haruto are kind of sane (but only have a happy ending in two (2) ends.) 10/10 would absolutely play again! I'm always happy to find games like this, especially when they're as entertaining as this one :D

Aww thank you sm!! I'm also happy to know that you enjoyed the game ^^


made an account just to post this comment lol (spoilers for the game in here, go play it urself!)

i love this game and ichigooo!! the story is great, the art is great, THE CHARACTERSS!!! the true ending i did not expect at all! super interesting

i had to play through all the endings and yuzukis put me through the feels, tysm for making this!!! 11/10 def

also the detective conan reference lolol

id love to play anything u make in the future if u plan on making more! 

also screw mc >:(


I'm  honored that the game got you to make an account just to leave a comment. You're welcome and thank you too for playing!! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game :D

And yes screw mc LMAOO


this game was a lot of fun, though i always replay ichigo's bad ending so yuzuki and haruto end up happy together ;;


God, i'm in love with Ichigo. 10/10 this is art. 😭

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